In 2008 I was again looking for Gary Richrath information on the internet,  I have spent hours trying to find information about the Great Gary Richrath, and early REO Speedwagon. I could find a few paragraphs here, a few pictures there, and so on, but there was never one place I could go to get all that information in one place. So every year I would surf the Internet looking for updates on Gary Richrath only to find less information then I did the year before. Every year I would say the same thing, guess I will have to make a Gary Richrath website myself. Well, here it is. Everything on this website is collected from other websites. Some of it is from Blogs, some from personal websites like MySpace, and YouTube, and some of this data is from Magazine websites.  I have tried to create links back to the original source when possible. I encourage updates from fans, and non-fans alike. Please feel free to contact me with information, photos, Videos, any corrections you may feel needed to this website, and anything else that has Gary Richrath’s name attached to it. My hope for this website is to help in some small way reunite Gary Richrath back with REO Speedwagon, if only for one tour, and of course, I would love to meet the master Gary Richrath himself!

2015 – Gary Richrath Passed away September 13, 2015, which saddens me deeply. Gary did reunite with REO Speedwagon on December 4, 2013 for one song “Riding the Storm out” during the Rock to the Rescue concert, I was up all night waiting for photos and videos to be post on the Facebook group “Bring back Gary Richrath” now called “Remembering Gary Richrath” which was buzzing like never before.. I was excited beyond explanation, and this was the biggest event for me of 2013… Only thing that could have made it any more exciting would have been if I were there!!!

My dislike for Kevin Cronin has been no secret for those who know me, especially after I watched Kevin Cronin rant about VH1’s edit of their interview of Richrath and Cronin implying there is hope for a reunion, Kevin Cronin made it clear the day after the airing of REO’s Behind the scenes in front of thousands of people at a concert at the Indiana state fair grounds, stating “There will be no Gary Richrath in REO Speedwagon” and repeated it several times. My wife and I left the concert because we were deeply saddened by Kevin’s unkind words…

Well that was many years ago, I am much older, and I am friends with people I had big disagreements with back then, and I am sure Kevin’s view of Gary has changed, and feel his heart felt announcement of Garys passing is sincere, and I would like to think if Kevin Cronin had it to do it all over again, he might have handled things differently. With that said it’s time for me to let that go and just remember only the good music of the Gary Richrath REO Speedwagon., I removed all the negative comments about Kevin Cronin from this website, and there were many. I have spent hours completely redesigning this website, removing any negativity and looking for more information on other former members of REO Speedwagon and adding pages for each one of them. If you have any information that I can add to this website please do so with the form below..